Social Media Management for Business

Software for social media publishing, monitoring, and analytics.

Social media management software for business

Build your Brand

People are talking, join the conversation.

Build your brand

Monitor your Brand

Identify and engage the people relevant to your brand.

Monitor your brand

Drive Revenue

Develop your community - People buy from who they trust.

Drive revenue
  • Powerful Publishing

    Post to more social networks in less time with greater results using Social Office Suite's patent-pending publishing features.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring

    Manage your brand and generate leads in real-time by keeping an eye on and responding to relevant conversations as they happen.

  • Actionable Analytics

    Tell the story of your social media management strategy through clear and reliable metrics that measure effort and results.

  • Intuitive Interface

    The first social networking dashboard designed and built for quick navigation between multiple accounts, avoiding costly errors.

Powerful Publishing
  • Post unique messages to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more
  • Visualize your social marketing campaign with an Editorial Calendar
  • Tag posts with categories to measure performance
  • Content contributors can suggest posts that content managers must approve
Comprehensive Monitoring
  • Listening yields the greatest result

    Conversations are going on whether you like it or not - start listening and make your competition less relevant.

  • Listen Local

    Geo-specific keyword search archiving allows you to engage in conversations going on close to your business.

  • Real Time Brand Management

    Be aware of the conversations about your brand, your competitors and your industry in real time.

  • Share the responsibility, not the liability

    You can have interns monitoring and suggesting responses while Admins approve, deny or edit all suggestions.

  • Mobile Solutions

    With both desktop and mobile solutions your team members can collaborate and get the job done no matter where they are.

  • Listen to social media conversations
  • Real time brand management
  • Monitor both your brand and your competitors
Actionable Analytics
  • Measure social media effort
  • Track social media campaign performance
  • Data mine social conversations
  • Social media metrics and analytics
  • Measure the effort, quantify the results

    Is your social media team held accountable for the work they do? Create accountability for your social media team’s effort AND results.

  • Track campaign performance

    Follow the growth of multiple posts in individual campaigns through category reporting. Make real-time changes to boost performance.

  • What works where

    Track and measure post activity, community growth and effort by network to determine which community is most important to your business.

  • Go custom

    Unique reports are needed to ask unique questions. Export data from Social Office Suite directly to a spreadsheet so you can get the answers you need.

  • Data mine conversations

    When you know when and how many people are having brand relevant conversations, then you can adjust what your messaging strategy.

Intuitive Interface
  • Know where you are

    Navigate multiple accounts easily and find the action you need to take for any client in seconds. The SOS dashboard is clutter free.

  • Strategy baked in

    The dashboard’s commonsense structure of Publish, Monitor and Analyze helps users prioritize tasks in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Clear settings

    An account can be created in seconds, including the addition of multiple social profiles from various networks and multiple listening columns for each.

  • Help is everywhere

    Easy to access instructions and conveniently located ‘signals’ within the dashboard minimizes time lost to wrong turns and errors.

  • Social media strategy baked in
  • Easy to understand user interface