7 Psychics Who Solved Mysterious Crimes

Do you think the authorities are the only ones capable of solving crimes ? If yes, it was wrong. Psychics are capable too. That’s right. For decades, psychics have aided the authorities. While most people think that people endowed with certain spiritual gifts are mere charlatans, many of these individuals have solved cases that stunned the police.

Check out now, seven cases that prove that psychics were valuable in certain criminal investigations. After reading our article, you’ll end up wondering why there aren’t these types of people working in police stations.

1 – Kristy Robinett meets Ashley Howley

As a child, Kristy Robinett communicates with spirits. And it was precisely the presence of a woman’s spirit that led Robinett to become involved in a criminal investigation. Ashley Howley, 20, disappeared near Columbus, Ohio, in 2005. Howley’s spirit appeared to Robinett in 2009. After the ‘date’, Robinett discovered what had happened to the young woman.

According to the medium, Howley was kidnapped and murdered by her boyfriend, Robert MacMichael II. And how was the psychic sure? Well, she knew exactly where the young woman’s remains were. The police obviously went to the scene to find out. And isn’t it that the medium was right? Howley’s body was very close, buried near the MacMichael II house.

2 – Irene Hughes

Irene Hughes died in 2012. Before that, the medium made several important revelations. The first time she helped the police was in 1966. She predicted that a man’s body would be found near a large rock in the Cal-Sag Canal. The psychic even mentioned the outfit. Days later, the police were called to the scene. They had found a body like the one described by Hughes. From there, the medium acted in numerous criminal investigations. They say she helped the police solve more than 2,000 cases. Are you or are you not a medium of respect?

3 – Annette Martin meets Dennis Prado

Annette Martin has been helping police find the whereabouts of missing people for over 20 years. The case, which deserves to be highlighted here, is that of Dennis Prado. When Prado disappeared, the police tried to find him for two months. Searches were in vain. So the authorities decided to ask Martin for help. The officers handed her a photograph of Prado and a map. The medium then signaled a location. The police then went to the area with tracking dogs. Guess what? She was right.

4 – Laurie McQuary meets Alexis Burke

Alexis Burke disappeared in March 1986. John Burke, Alexis’ partner, reported the disappearance for just three days. Months later, the family decided to ask the medium Laurie McQuary for help. McQuary cracked the case in a matter of seconds. According to the medium, the culprit was the husband. John had strangled his companion and, to get rid of the clues, buried the body. Alexis’ body was found 75 meters from where John worked.

5 – Dorothy Allison

Of all the psychics we’ve mentioned here, the one that deserves respect the most is perhaps Dorothy Allison. In 30 years, the medium has helped authorities from all over the world to find more than 50 missing children. Allison dreamed of the location of the bodies and the suspects. His descriptions were so detailed that everyone was always impressed.

6 – Carol Pate meets Tyson Efird

Efird disappeared in November 1991. The desperate family decided to ask the medium Carol Pate for help. The medium, after touching a photograph of Efird, discovered that the young man, in addition to being raped, was still alive. Pate even managed to indicate the house where the boy was. No sooner said than done. The police went there and found Efird.

7 – Etta Louise Smith found Melanie Uribe

Etta Louise Smith was responsible for discovering the whereabouts of the body of Melanie Uribe, a 31-year-old nurse, who disappeared, out of the blue. The medium, in this case, acted differently from the other paranormals we have mentioned here. Smith went to the scene alone. When he got there, he called the police. The police did not believe the medium’s story. Smith spent four days in prison. When she provided information about the killer, she was released.